Reproduction Ambiani Gallo-Belgic Gold Stater

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Obverse: Head of Apollo left with elaborate hairstyle in a Celtic design derived from the Apollo prototype on the Macedonian staters of Philip II.

Reverse: Stylised horse left with disjointed driver guiding a chariot above, rosette below and other patterns in fields.

History: Around 175 BC, the Ambiani from Belgic Gaul (in the modern Picardy region) replaced all their coins with a new type which are called Gallo-Belgic A, which they minted until about 125 BC. These coins were partly minted for export to Britain to pay for mercenaries to help in the ongoing wars against the Germanic tribes. These staters were based on the gold coinage issued by King Philip II, ruler of the Greek kingdom of Macedon from 359 – 336 BC.

The Gallo-Belgic A Ambianic coinage was the first type of coin ever to circulate in Britain and have been found from Cantium (Kent) to the West Country. In Britain, they continued to circulate long after they had been replaced in Gaul. In fact, they were still circulating 75-100 years after they initially came to Britain.

Date: Gallo-Belgic type A, Circa 125-100 BC

Diameter: 2.6cm

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