Reproduction Ambiani Gallic War Gold Stater

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Obverse: This bowl shaped stater has a plain obverse.

Reverse: M-shaped Celtic horse right standing on cabled exergual line, pellets and crescents above left, 'coffee bean' behind and crescent and pellet between legs.

History: The Ambiani were a Belgic coastal tribe dwelling in the modern Picardy region during the Iron Age and Roman periods.

During the middle of the 1st century BC Julius Caesar began a lengthy eight-year war for control of Gaul. Caesar's success laid the path for his eventual position as sole ruler of the Roman Republic.

This uniface coin was made by the Ambiani tribe in Gaul. The Gallic War gold staters were produced by the Ambiani during the important series of battles that formed the Gallic Wars and were issued to fund the fight against Julius Caesar. Their frequent deposition in hoards (an act motivated by fear / uncertainty of the future) appears to support this theory. The original gold stater coin was found in a hoard in Cambridgeshire, England and it is likely that a member of the Ambiani fleeing from Caesar's forces, buried it for safe keeping, never to return.

Date: Circa 58 - 55BC

Diameter: 1.8cm

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