Reproduction Aethelred II (The Unready) Penny

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Obverse: Draped and bare-headed bust of Athelred II (The Unready) left. Text around AEDELRED REX ANGLO.

Reverse: Long cross voided with each limb ended in three crescents. Text around AELFPINE MO OXNA.

History: Aethelred was King of England between 978 - 1013 and 1014 - 1016. He was known as 'The Unready', from UNREDE, meaning 'without council', i.e. he was without good advice. His weak leadership encouraged Viking invasions. He paid the Vikings to leave with danegeld, in the form of silver pennies. The relentless invasions by the Vikings, coupled with their demands for more money, forced him to abandon his throne in 1013. He was later recalled to his old throne at the death of Svein Forkbeard in 1014. He died in 1016.

This coin is the Long Cross type with the bare-headed bust facing left and a voided long cross.

Date: Moneyer Aelfpine Oxford, 997-1003.

Diameter: 2cm

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