Reproduction Aedui Silver Quinarius

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Obverse: Helmeted head, left. Text before SANTONOS (ANT as interlinked monogram).

Reverse: Full-bodied horse galloping right, rosette below and beaded border.

History: The Aedui were Gallic people, occupying in the 1st cent. B.C. a part of what later became Burgundy. They attached themselves to the Romans and were honoured with the title of brother and kinsmen of the Roman people. The Sequani invaded their country and subjugated them with the help of Ariovistus a Germanic chieftain. On his arrival in Gaul (58BC), Caesar resorted their independence. In spite of this, the Aedui joined the Gallic coalition against Caesar, but after the surrender of Vercingetorix they were glad to return to their allegiance. Their early capital was Bibracte a site atop Mont Beuvray in central France.

Date: Circa 1st Century BC

Diameter: 1.6cm

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