Reproduction War Medal 1939-45 - Miniature

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Campaign: Second World War 1939-45

Branch of Service: British and Commonwealth forces

Description: (Obverse) the uncrowned effigy of King George VI, text around GEORGIVS VI D G B R OMN REX ET INDIAE IMP; (Reverse) a triumphant lion trampling on a dragon symbolising the Axis powers.

Ribbon: Narrow red stripe in centre, with a narrow white stripe on either side, broad red stripes at either edge and two intervening stripes of blue

Comments: All fulltime personnel of the armed forces wherever they were serving, so long as they had served for at least 28 days between 3rd September 1939 and 2nd December 1945 were eligible for this medal. It was granted in addition to the campaign stars and the defence medal. A few categories of civilians who had flown in operational theatres also qualified.

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