Reproduction Solidus of Anthemius - Leo I

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Obverse: Helmeted pearl-diademed and cuirassed bust of Anthemius ¾ facing to right, with spear held in right hand over shoulder and decorated shield to front right. Text around D N ANTHEM IVS P P AVG.

Reverse: Anthenius and Leo I standing facing side by side, holding between them cross on globe and each holding a spear, city monogram of Rome RM between. Text around SALVS R EIP VBLICAE, in exergue COMOB.

History: After the death of Libius Severus in 465, the Western Roman Empire existed without an emperor for over a year. The Eastern emperor, Leo I, appointed Procopius Anthemius to rule in the West. Anthemius was never popular with the Romans who were prejudiced towards his 'Eastern Greek' ancestry. After an armada of 1,100 ships Leo I sent against the Vandals in 468 was destroyed and because Anthemius had not effectively dealt with the Visigoths who threatened Gaul, what little support existed for his regime quickly eroded. In 472, a coup took place in which Anthemius was murdered and replaced with the patrician Olybrius.

Date: Struck in Thessalonica, Circa 468AD

Diameter: 2.1cm

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