Reproduction Solidus of Anastasius I - Victory

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Obverse: Helmeted and cuirassed bust of Anastasius I ¾ facing to right, with spear held in right hand over shoulder and decorated shield to front right. Text around D N ANASTASIVS P P AVG (Our Lord Anastasius, Perpetual Emperor).

Reverse: Winged Victory standing left holding long staff, star in right field. Text around VICTORVI AAVGGGI (The Victory of the Emperor), in exergue CONOB.

History: Anastasius ruled successfully for 27 years. His financial expertise resulted in the accumulation of 320,000 pounds of gold and the restructuring of the currency system. Anastasius' reform in 498 AD is often seen by numismatists as the end of Roman coinage and the beginning of Byzantine coinage.

This coin is unique and has only recently been discovered in Bavaria in Germany. The coin was copied and made by the Merovingians, the Germanic tribe which ruled Central Western Europe.

Date: Constantinople mint 507-518 AD

Diameter: 2.1cm

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