Reproduction Follis of Constantine I (The Great) - Genius

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Obverse: Laureate head of Constantine I (The Great) right. Text around IPM C FL VAL CONSTANTINVS PF AVG.

Reverse: Genius standing left, holding head of Serapis in right hand and cornucopia in left. Text around GENIO AVG VSTI, across middle A, exergue ANT.

History: Constantine became a Roman Emperor in 306. Between 312 and 324 there was great unrest in the Roman Empire. Constantine conquered Northern Italy and Rome to become Western Augustus in 312. He then set on gain control of the eastern half of the Roman Empire ruled by Licinius. A number of wars took place climaxing in the great civil war of 324 of which Constantine was victorious and became sole emperor of the entire Roman Empire. Constantine died in 337 and was succeeded by his three sons.

Date: Antioch mint 312-313 AD

Diameter: 2cm

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