Reproduction Elizabeth I Pound

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Obverse: Old crowned bust of Elizabeth I with profusion of hair, with elaborate jewelled dress topped by a tall undulating ruff. Text around ELIZABETH D G ANG FRA ET HIB REGINA (Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland).

Reverse: Crowned square topped shield quartered with the arms of England and France, E R at sides. Text around SCVTVM FIDEI PROTEGET EAM (May the Shield of Faith Protect Her).

History: During the reign of Elizabeth I more denominations were struck than at any time before or since. It was during her reign that the new ‘crown’ gold standard finally established itself, bringing with it the denominations of the pound of twenty shillings and its fractions, in succession to the old ‘fine’ gold denominations based on the ryal or noble of fifteen shillings.

The pound was issued between 1592 and 1603 and although hand struck has especially fine engraving.

Date: Woolpack Mint Mark, Sixth Coinage 1594 – 1596

Diameter: 3.5cm

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