Reproduction Dupondius of Nero and Drusus

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Obverse: Nero and Drusus riding on prancing horses right, cloaks flying. Text around NERO ET DRVSVS CAESARES.

Reverse: Large SC across centre field. Text around C CAESAR AVG GERMANI CVS PON M TR POT.

History: This coin is a posthumous issue and commemorates Nero and Drusus Caesares, brothers of Gaius (Caligula). Drusus was accussed of plotting against Tiberius and was imprisoned in 30AD. He starved to death in prison in 33AD. Nero was accused of treason and was exciled to the island of Ponza where in 30AD he was either induced to commit suicide or else starved to death.

Date: Rome mint. Struck under Gaius (Caligula) circa AD 37-38

Diameter: 2.8cm

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