Reproduction Distinguished Flying Medal - Full-Size

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Instituted: 1918

Description: An oval medal with a laurel border, (Obverse) coinage profile of George VI, left, text around GEORGIVS VI D G BR OMN REX F D IND IMP. (Reverse) Athena Nike seated on an aeroplane, with a hawk rising from her right hand. The date 1918 above the hawks wings and the words FOR COURAGE below her arm. The medal is suspended by a pair of wings from a straight bar.

Ribbon: Diagonal alternate stripes of white and purple.

Comments: This medal was awarded to Noncommissioned Officers and men of the RAF for courage and devotion to duty while flying on active operations against the enemy. During World War II it was extended to the equivalent ranks of the Army and Fleet Air Arm peersonnel engaged in similar operations. Approximately 150 medals have been awarded since 1945 however this medal was replaced by the DFC after 1993.

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