Reproduction Cistophoric Tetradrachm of Augustus - Capricorn

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Obverse: Bare head of Augustus, facing right. Text below IMP CAESAR.

Reverse: Capricorn right with head left, holding cornucopiae; laurel wreath around. Text below AVGVSTVS.

History: The production of cistophori (triple-denarii) from the mints of Provisional Asia was on an impressive scale during the early years of Augustus' reign, attesting to the rapid economic wealth in the area following the end of the civil wars. The capricorn represents Augustus' birth sign and appears frequently as a coin type during his reign. His birthday was September 23, which would have made him a Libra by modern reckoning. However it is clear that from an astronomical work dating from the early part of Tiberius' reign that the moon and not the sun was used as the basis for computations at that time. The moon was in Capricorn at the time of Augustus' birth.

Date: Struck Ephesus mint, 25 - 20 BC

Diameter: 2.4cm

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