Reproduction Aureus of Augustus - Caius and Lucius

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Obverse: Laureate head of Augustus right. Text around CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE.

Reverse: Augustus’ grandsons Caius and Lucius Caesar standing facing, each togate and resting hand on shield. Between them two shields with two spears behind, above and between spears a simpulum to the left and lituus to the right. Text around AVGVSTI F COS [DESIG PRINC IVVENT], text in exergue [C] L CAESARES.

History: This Aureus was struck to celebrate Gaius and Lucius Caesars, the sons of Marcus Agrippa, as heirs to the imperial throne. Gaius became Princeps Iuventutis in 5 BC and Lucius in 2 BC. They died in 4 AD and 2 AD respectively, thus promoting Tiberius to heir apparent.

Date: Lugdunum mint, 2 BC - 4 AD

Diameter: 1.9cm

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